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Talasari Sea Beach

The Magic Iceland Of Odisha


Talasari Seabeach In Balasore Odisha - The Magic Iceland Of Odisha

Talasari Beach In Balasore Odisha is a sea shore, which lies on the north-eastern shoreline of India. The name Talasari is gotten from the two words Tala (ତାଳ) (which means Palm) and Sari/Sarani (ସାରି/ସାରଣୀ) (which means column). The palm trees encompassing the spot give such a name to it. The word Tala likewise implies beat, which is reflected in the ocean waves lapping against the shore.

Highlight of the Place

  • Prawn, fish, tasty crabs with rice
  • Available Seafood
  • Boating
  • Bike Riding
  • Nature Picnic Spot
  • Market for shopping
  • Movement of Beautiful Red Crabs

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Detailed Information

The spot has immense stretches of green paddy handle, various streams, blue slopes, and broad seashores. The seashore has tall coconut trees, palm trees, and casuarina. Udaipur seashore is the keep going seashore on this stretch. At the point when the stream is overflowing, one can just arrive at the primary seashore with the assistance of a boat. In any case, on different occasions, one can stroll across the dry riverbed. The spot is genuinely blustery. Talasari is one of the less misused Odisha seashores. The


Talsari seashore isn’t as regularly visited by individuals as different seashores of Odisha. The waters of the ocean at Talsari seashore are not violent but rather quiet and serene. It is the last seashore in the Odisha toward the north.


The waters of Bay of Bengal are very calm which means it’s one of the safest beaches that one can come across. the meandering Subarnarekha river accentuates the visual appeal of the beach by a few notches, the sand dunes and little red crabs lends character to the beach, the fishing hamlets, and the nearby mangroves of Bichitrapur give the location a purpose. If one is looking for a serene quiet holiday this is the place to be. 

Geographical Information

Geologically Talsari is arranged between 21°35’48” Northern Latitude and 87°27’17” Eastern Longitude. Talsari’s sea shore is well known for its fishing town, and among individuals inclined toward ocean depths. Close to sea shore digha only 7 km. 


The place receives 156.84 cm rainfall throughout the year. During the summer, the temperature is high and sometimes reaches 40 °C. During the winter, the mercury stands around 14 °C. 

Best Foods

  • Prawn fish with rice
  • Crab Fry & Curry

Best Time To Visit Kuldiha

For enjoyment, the Winter season is the best for this place. But, In February, The red and orange flowers appear on the cashew trees. The cashew kernel hangs outside the fruit, which is also edible. There are a handful of small hotels and a Panthasala run by the Odisha government.

Talasari Seabeach In Balasore beach is quite flat and the waves are small and playful. The estuary of the river Subarnarekha River can be seen in the distance. A quay has been made on the beach that serves as a fish market in the morning.

Transportation (Direction)

Talasari Seabeach In Balasore Odisha, Talasari is 36 km s from Jaleswar, is the closest rail route station and Kolkata is the closest air terminal and is 180 km from Talsari.

It’s additionally very much associated with Baleswar. In any case, from West Bengal side, Talsari is just 8–10 km away from Digha. Recently two trains have been dispatched from Howrah (Kolkata) to New Digha (check www.irctc.co.in for timing), it is a roughly 4 hours venture.

From New Digha railroad station, you can recruit a taxi/other nearby transport(Motor-van and Bike) to arrive at Talsari.It would require around 15 minutes and cost around 200rs/ – . 

How to Prepare for Place

Winter (October-March):

To visit in this season, you preferably hold all your winter garments, shoes, blankets, and also necessary things you want to carry. There is some pure sweet water problem, so you can hold a large Gallen of sweet water for your whole journey. Ice creams, cooldrinks, coconuts are available all time here.

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