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Siali Sea Beach

Jagatsinghpur, ODISHA


Siali Sea Beach in Jagatsinghpur, Odisha. It is one of the pleasant sea shores in waterfront Odisha. It is arranged in the beach front waters of Jagatsinghpur region of Odisha.

A lovely and quiet ocean side but then neglected. Associated through a drive through fields , earthen street, fisheries. We observe numerous interesting species birds while heading to the ocean side.

  • World Famous Port
  • Bigger And Longer Ships
  • Deep Sea Beach
  • Natural Beauty

The sea shores bring a mind blowing roadtrip in the area. It is very much associated with Erasama block with roadsigns directing you towards the ocean side. It is around 20Kms from Erasama marketplace.

Where on can track down their expected itenaries. you can luxuriate in the sun , swim in the ocean and partake in your suppers in the shades of jhau (casuarina) trees.

To arrive at Siali, one need to arrive at Cuttack through train or by transport that are handling from all the adjoining satiates of India like Chhattisgarh, Ranchi, Jharkhand, Kolkata and West Bengal.

The best opportunity to visit Siali is in winter season. During the long stretch of January, February and March, the Odisha Government notices ocean side celebration consistently to advance this virgin ocean side objective in Odisha to the public and worldwide level sightseers.

With all, Siali ocean side is a well known end of the week objective and it is extremely close to Cuttack District and Jagatsinghpur District in Odisha.

Geographical Information

Not available now….. Update very soon.


The environment is tropical in Jagatsinghpur. In winter, there is considerably less precipitation in Jagatsinghpur than in summer. This environment is viewed as Aw as per the Köppen-Geiger environment characterization. The normal yearly temperature is 21.1 °C in Koraput. The precipitation here midpoints 1604 mm.

Summer – March to May
  • Average Minimum Temperature – 26° C
  • Average Minimum Temperature – 24° C
  • Average Precipitation – 40 mm
Monsoon – June to October
  • Average Minimum Temperature – 32° C
  • Average Minimum Temperature – 25° C
  • Average Precipitation – 220 mm
Summer – March to May
  • Average Minimum Temperature – 28° C
  • Average Minimum Temperature – 17° C
  • Average Precipitation – 23 mm

Best Foods

You can get food from local Hotels in the local and town area.

Best Time To Visit

Any time in the whole year you can visit here to fell and enjoy the port. 

Transportation (Direction)

By Train – Paradeep Railway Station (49.2Km)

By Flight – Closest air terminal is  Bhubaneswar (98.7km)

By Road – The distance of Siali Sea Beach is 47.9 k.ms via Jagatsinghpur – Paradip Rd.

How to Prepare for Place

To visit Siali Sea Beach, Jagatsinghpur, Odisha, You can any time visit here.  It is advisable to bring a camera to capture its memories and beauty of nature.

  • Carry your own water bottle/ or you can purchase it from Local Market.
  • Please do not litter the area.

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