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Manatri Shiva Temple In Mayurbhanj Odisha. In 1556, the then leader of the Bhanj tradition, Maharaja Baidyanath Bhanj interacted with the incredible evangelist Shri Chaitanya Dev and assembled endless sanctuaries. Under the authoritative control of King Baidyanath Bhanj, he constructed the Nata Mandir and the Jagannath Temple connected to the Shiva Temple. Master Jagannath is venerated as Dadhibaman. From that point forward it has acquired ubiquity as a Harihar field of Mantri. Shri Kakharua Dev sanctuary was inherent 1400 AD by the later lord of the Gajapati administration of Odisha.

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It’s been quite a while since we’ve known about Baba’s Jata coasting around here. The zone was subsequently referred to as Manatri Shiva Temple In Mayurbhanj Odisha as the sanctuary was based on three sections of land of land. There are two uncommon blossoms of Nageshwar. In this blossom, the state of Shiva’s penis and snake can be seen normally. Here, alongside Baba’s food, Kakharu is eaten. Enthusiasts visit Baba in the wake of eating. There are numerous bulls around the sanctuary. There is an enormous divider around the sanctuary called Kurum Bedha. Before the sanctuary are bhog shops and different commercial centers.


Manatri Shiva Temple In Mayurbhanj Odisha is arranged at 7 miles toward the south-east of Badasahi and 24 miles from Baripada, and is renowned for its directing divinity, Kakharua Baidyanatha (Lord Shiva). The nearby individuals were needed to offer three Manas of paddy to the divinity, a training not yet through and through surrendered. The name Manatraya or Manatri (in a real sense three manas) is said to have begun thusly.


Various aficionados from far off zones come here to introduce contributions to the divinity. During Shivaratri, JATRAS (fairs) are held out of appreciation for this God.

Stories says that a Ruler from Soma tradition was assaulted with leucoderma; his whole body being depigmented with white patches, he was called ‘Kakharua’. Since the Ruler’s illness which gave him a look of a Kakharu(Watermelon), was restored by Lord Baidyanath, the god was named as Kakharua Baidyanath.


There are stays of an old fortress about a large portion of a mile toward the west of the sanctuary. Custom has it that Maharaja Ramachandra Bhanja constructed this post and lived here for certain years. It is further express that connecting it there was previously a major town and that at one time both the fort and the town were thickly populated.

Various Pucca streets lead from this town joining Badasahi in the north-west., Betnoti in the north-east, Kuamara in the west, and Baisinga in the east.



A king of the West was traveling, he took refuge in Mantri in a state of chronic illness. Here he took the SWAPNADESH of Jyotirlinga Shiva and found the underworld Mahadev, and by the grace of Mahadev he recovered and found himself under a kakharu (white goose) tree on the banks of the Gangahara river. So he built a high temple (fence) in the Marahta style of medieval architecture for Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati in the place of Baba Kakharua Baidyanath.
Similarly, according to Mayurbhanj folklore, a cow was given a gun when she heard the shouts while walking in the wild in fear of the Marhatta attack. There, Patalvedi discovered the Mahadev and built a temple at Athalgand in the holy Gangahar at the behest of the Mahadev. It is known all over India as the Baba Kakharua Baidyanath Temple.



The medieval art and architecture blended well with the style of temple construction A fence has been erected to walk around the temple building. The main temple is divided into four parts: Nat Mandir, Brushav Bakhra, Parvati Mandir and the main deity Sri Baba Kakharua Baidyanath.
The height of the main temple is 63 feet 6 inches Inside the temple are the Sun Temple (the place of the Sun God) with 8 petals and statues of the Sun God which is said to be the same as the Konark Temple.


Maha Shivaratri

Maha Shivaratri is a major festival and is celebrated in this temple every year with great pomp and ceremony for which millions of devotees from different states come to worship and pay obeisances to Lord Kakharua Baidyanath. A large fair is also held for forty days near the temple.
A large number of female devotees dedicate their mentally sacred lamps to the temple premises with religious sentiments. This kind of ceremony is believed to be a continuous tradition from the beginning of the temple. Another important tradition of the temple is to bring the great lamp to the top of the temple and the vision of Lord Kakharua Baidyanath in the golden besh is the last part of the ritual of Maha Shivaratri.

Geographical Information

When you come baleswar railway station.then you can come through bus, taxi ,auto also its near about 35 to 40 km from baleswar railway station to manatri a lot of road transport available. Manatri is famous for load Jaganath Temple and shiv shankar mandir. BabaBaidya nath College is in manatri village. Shiv ratri is a great festival at Manatri Mahadev Templeand Rath yatra for load Jaganath


Summers are hot with temperatures around 40 °C (104 °F) whereas the winter months can be as low as 14 °C (57 °F). The rainfall ranges from moderate to heavy.

Best Foods

There have some Hotels in Manatri town. All types of food meals available there. 

Best Time To Visit Manatri Shiva Temple

Maha Shiva Ratri:- The temple were decorated with lights and festoons on the occasion. Thousands of burning earthen lamps lent a festive ambience to the temple sites.  

Transportation (Direction)

By Air

Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose International Airport (Kolkata) is 247KM away from Baba Kakharua Baidyanath Temple Mantri.


Biju Patnaik International Airport (Bhubaneswara) is 232KM away from Baba Kakharua Baidyanath Temple Mantri.


By Rail
Balasore railway station is 30KM away from Baba Kakharua Baidyanath Temple Mantri which connect to Kolkata as well as Bhubaneswara.


Baisinga is the nearest bus stand where passenger can get all the buses like to Kolkata or Bhubaneswara at NH 18 which is 15km away from here.


You can reach very easily from Balasore or Baripada to Manatri by buses or taxis.

How to Prepare for Place

There you can feel the normal temperature. So, when you visit this temple, You dress up in normal cloth. and also necessary things you want to carry.  

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