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Maa Shyamakali Temple

Puri, Odisha


Maa Shyamakali Temple In Puri Odisha - Famous Temple In Odisha

Maa Shyamakali Temple in Puri, Odisha. Puri, the blessed city of Lord Jagannath, is additionally renowned for its Sakta sanctuaries. Both inside and beyond Jagannath sanctuary there are a few sanctuaries committed to Sakta gods like Vimala, Harachandi, Daksina Kali, Shyamakali, and so on which addresses the prominence of Saktism at Puri.

There is a sanctuary committed to Goddess Kali at Bali Sahi. The managing divinity of the sanctuary is a four furnished Kali. The sanctuary, privately known as Shyamakali sanctuary, is the most seasoned sanctuary of Puri where Goddess Kali is loved.

Highlight of the Place

  • The Great Maa Shyamakali Temple
  • The Holiness

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Detailed Information

Travelers can move toward the sanctuary by utilizing the street driving towards Swargadwar from Singhadwar (Lion’s Gate) of Lord Jagannath Temple, there is a redirection to Bali Sahi. In the wake of enetring this path you can arrive at Shayamakali Chowk, the sanctuary is arranged on the right half of the Shyamakali path, driving from Shayamakali Chowk to Tiadisahi.

Kali is additionally called as ‘Shyamakali’ who is the first of the ten symbols (manifestations) of Goddess Durga. Shyamakali is the unfortunate and brutal type of the mother goddess Durga.

In this Temple Goddess Kali remains in Pratyalidha present on the chest of Lord Shiva and posseses four hands. She is locked in here in invert living together with Lord Siva. She holds a blade and presentations Abhaya-mudra in her upper left and right hands separately while her lower left hand is holding a cut off human head and the lower right shows Varada-mudra.

In this setting it is vital that her caring angle is shown by holding of the blade in her left hand, in light of the fact that the sword in right hand represents annihilation. She posseses three eyes and is encircled by jackeles and vultures cut as an afterthought. The level of the picture is around four feet.

Shyama kali sanctuary is looking towards east. Laterite stone are utilized for the development of the sanctuary. There are other two pictures cut on the left half of Shyamakali. These pictures are four given and known as Vimala and Sarbamangala.

The picture of Vimala is seen standing and holding a noose, a human figure and a jar. Similarly the situated picture of Mangala holds a full moon, rosary and lotus. The huge part of this picture is that she holds a pestle in her upper left hand.

Shyamakali has been the authority god for the Gajapati Maharaja (King) of Puri for many years. Over her special stepped area one can see the emblem of the imperial group of Puri. Shyamakali is one of the renowned Goddesses of Puri.

Till today, as per the imperial custom, the new lord after his royal celebration, first visits this sanctuary and love ShyamaKali. Initially the sanctuary was under the immediate oversight of the Gajapati Maharaja of Puri, however at present boss clerics of the sanctuary are taking consideration.

Geographical Information

Latitude19.80201° N
Longitude85.81895° E


Being in closeness to the Bay of Bengal, this District has heat and humidity. The summers are from March to June, storms from June to September and winters are from October to February. The base temperature of the District is roughly 16. 45 degrees Celsius and the most extreme 33. 9 degrees Celsius.

Best Foods

You can get food from local market, which is available near. You can access food with you check-in hotels and restaurant.

Best Time To Visit

You can visit any time here. 

  • Vacationer can remain at Puri, where a lot of inns of various classifications are accessible.
  • There is no convenience near Maa Shyamakali Temple.

Transportation (Direction)

By Train – The nearest Railway Station is Puri Railway Station it’s just  10 min (3.5 km) via Puri Main Rd/VIP Rd and Mala Rd.

By Flight – The Nearest Air Port is Bhubaneswar which is 1 hr 9 min (62.0 km) via NH316.

By Road – Maa Shyamakali Temple is well connected by road. A number of Public Transport, i.e. Buses are running from Puri 9 min (2.3 km) via Basanta Rd/Grand Rd.

How to Prepare for Place

Maa Shyamakali Temple in Puri, Odisha, You can visit any time here.  It is advisable to follow below things:

  • Don’t litter any garbage. Always use dustbin.
  • Carry your water bottle with you. 
  • Take your camera with you for getting some memories with you.

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