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Maa Sarala Temple in Jagatsinghpur, Odisha. It is found only 15 km away from Jagatsinghpur Town and around 54 km from Cuttack. Goddess Sarala is the best one of shrewdness and power. She is called Maha Saraswati and one of the eight noticeable Shakti Pithas of Odisha. Sidheswar Panda named Sarala das who has composed Sarala Mahabharat by the gift of goddess Sarala in the century AD. The climate of the spot is extremely quiet and calm.

All through the year fans from various pieces of Odisha came here to love goddess Sarala. Pana Sankranti and Durgapuja are seen here with serenity by the huge number of enthusiasts other than other yearly capacities. The goddess Sarala managing god of nearby and abroad. Gorakhnath sanctuary is just 6 km distance from Sarala Mandir. Jhankad Sarala sanctuary is one of the most famous vacationer places in Jagatsinghpur District.

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In the wake of being shut for around nine months because of the COVID-19 pandemic, the Maa Sarala sanctuary in Jagatsinghpur area will return on January. The choice was taken at a survey meeting led by Jagatsinghpur Collector Saroj Kumar Mishra on Monday evening.

According to the choice, the sanctuary will stay open from 8 am to 12 early afternoon and a most extreme number of 500 enthusiasts will be permitted to enter the sanctum. Nonetheless, people over 65 years and youngsters under 10 years won’t be permitted. The gatherer said the occupants of Jagatsinghpur locale need not show a COVID-19 negative report to enter the sanctuary. Notwithstanding, individuals from outside the area should show the report.

He added that the sanctuary will stay shut on Makara Sankranti on January 14 to keep away from an enormous assemblage of lovers.


The ongoing sanctuary is roughly 500 years of age and was worked by the Raja of Manijanga. Authentic proof recommends that the first sanctuary was built during the Bhauma-Kara in the eighth century. The Goddess Maa Sarala was revered in this sanctuary till the finish of Hindu rule in 1568 A.D.

In 1568 AD the Supreme Commander of the Muslim armed force Kalapahada of Bengali Sultan Suleman Karani assaulted the first place of worship and somewhat obliterated the Shakti sanctuary. After 100 years, during the rule of Moghul ruler Aurangzeb, the old sanctuary was totally obliterated. The demolished sanctuary was remodeled in 1982.

How Maa Srala Temple Discovered:

In another legend, the goddess’ starting points date back to the 6th manifestation of Lord Vishnu, Parashurama the Brahmin hero. During his movements, Parashurama swam in the waterway Chandrabhaga and took a rest under a banyan tree. While pondering, he became mindful of a power (Shakti) that had been covered up and wanted to have self-articulation.

He recuperated a sparkling stone (Parasmanisila), a type of sparkling basalt, from under the earth and cut the heavenly picture of the goddess with his bolt. The goddess was named Sarada; since her picture was cut out by the bolt (Sara) of Parasurama.


The sanctum sanctorum of the primary sanctuary contains three icons of the goddess. The primary icon, cut out of stone, is an eight-outfitted figure of the goddess with her right foot on a lion, in the exemplary stance of Durga annihilating the evil presence Mahishasura. She holds a sword (khadga), harpoon (Trishul), composition (pustak) and lute or veena in her right hands and a circle (pattisha), bow (karmuka), ringer (ghanta) and the top of the evil presence in her left hands.

The subsequent symbol is four-outfitted, holding a conch shell (shankha) and a chakram, and making tokens of gift-giving (varadamudra) and bravery (abhayamudra). The third icon is two-equipped, made from eight valuable metals (ashtadhatu). The icons are removed from the sanctuary for various formal events.


A few significant services are as yet seen in the old hallowed place. The processional symbol “Chalanti Vigraha” of Sharala is gotten a flawless cart from the sanctuary to the old sanctuary multiple times in a year to honor the antiquated customs.

The icon of the god is ceremoniously introduced on the old privileged position where she had been revered for a really long time. A male goat was customarily forfeited at the old sanctuary in a panchayatana puja as the last custom during the celebration of Dussehra.

Numerous celebrations are praised in the sanctuary, including Parbana, Sharadiya Utsav, Pana Sankranti, Dola Purnima, and Chandan Jatra. Pana Sankranti is the main celebration when fans dance ablaze to finish their commitment to the goddess.

The celebration of Dol Purnima is likewise seen with grandeur and function. At this celebration, Goddess Sarala is loved alongside different divinities, implying that Maa Sarala is a combination of parts of the Vedic, Tantric and Vaishnavic customs.

Geographical Information

Not available now….. Update very soon.


The environment is tropical in Jagatsinghpur. In winter, there is considerably less precipitation in Jagatsinghpur than in summer. This environment is viewed as Aw as per the Köppen-Geiger environment characterization. The normal yearly temperature is 23.1 °C in Koraput. The precipitation here midpoints 1604 mm.

Summer – March to May
  • Average Minimum Temperature – 36° C
  • Average Minimum Temperature – 24° C
  • Average Precipitation – 40 mm
Monsoon – June to October
  • Average Minimum Temperature – 32° C
  • Average Minimum Temperature – 25° C
  • Average Precipitation – 220 mm
Summer – March to May
  • Average Minimum Temperature – 28° C
  • Average Minimum Temperature – 17° C
  • Average Precipitation – 23 mm

Best Foods

You can get food from local Hotels in the local and town area.

Best Time To Visit

Any time in the whole year you can visit here to fell and enjoy the city. Bet we suggest to visit here at the time of Durga Puja(Festival).

Transportation (Direction)

By Train – Jagatsinghpur Railway Station (14.9Km)

By Flight – Closest air terminal is  Bhubaneswar (80km)

By Road – Jagatsinghpur Railway Town (154.6Km). We can reach the temple by taxis, cabs, autos and even buses from Cuttack, Paradeep and Jagatsinghpur as these places have a direct link with Tirtol.

How to Prepare for Place

To visit Maa Sarala Temple, Jagatsinghpur, Odisha, You can any time visit here.  It is advisable to bring a camera to capture its memories and beauty of nature.

  • Carry your own water bottle/ or you can purchase it from Local Market.
  • Please do not litter the area.

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