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Katak Chandi Temple in Cuttack Odisha is an antiquated sanctuary devoted to the Goddess Chandi, the managing god of Cuttack, Odisha. The sanctuary is found close by the banks of the Mahanadi River. It is renowned for the yearly Durga Puja and Kali Puja celebrations. The Durga Puja merriments are unmistakable in Maa Katak Chandi sanctuary which happens for 16 days beginning from the dim fortnight of Ashwina Krishna Ashtami till Ashwina Shukla Navami and Vijayadashami.


The goddess prevalently called Maa Katak Chandi sits and runs on the core of the antiquated city. She has four hands holding Paasha (noose), Ankusha (spur), signals dissipating dread (Abhaya), and giving shelter (Varada). She is loved as Bhuvaneshvari Mahavidya (the sovereign of the universe) by Sevayatas having a place with Utkala Brahmins consistently. Maa Chandi is revered in different manifestations of Durga during the puja. In Cuttack, individuals firmly trust Maa Katak Chandi as ‘The Living Goddess’. 

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As indicated by legend, the current real estate parcel, where the sacred sanctuary is found, was lying decrepit previously. Late Sri Hansa Panda, who turns out to be the Purohit of the then King of Kanika, used to eat steers and sheep’s in the land. One day Sri Panda was feeling tired and took a lay on a load of dry mud present there. While taking rest, he encountered an odd surprising inclination inside himself. Shockingly on that very evening, The Goddess “Chandika” showed up in his fantasy and mentioned him to remove her from the land.

From there on he went to the King and enlightened everything regarding the unusual experience he had that evening. With the assistance of the lord, Late Hansa Panda uncovered a similar real estate parcel. It is being said that around forty quantities of bullock trucks of Red Sindoor came out while burrowing and afterward arose The Deity of Maa Katak Chandi. At that point, the sanctuary was based on similar land. Here in Cuttack, the inhabitants firmly trust Maa Katak Chandi as The Living Goddess. The sanctuary of Maa Katak Chandi, the managing divinity of the city is visited by many enthusiasts consistently. The picture of the god is more seasoned than the sanctuary. It is accepted that she was the family god of the Gajapati Empire in the middle age, because of Islamic trespassers’ assaults she was covered while the rulers moved to Puri.


Late Sri Hansa Panda began loving the Deity with most extreme Niti, Nistha, and Sraddha. According to the sacred texts identified with Goddess Chandika or Bhuvaneshwari has four hands, showing weapons and signals as Paasa, Ankusha, Abhaya, Varada. She is loved as Bhuvaneswari while reciting Bhuvaneswari Mantra.

After Late Sri Hansa Panda, his solitary child Late Sri Lakshmana Panda began revering The Goddess in a similar cycle and strategy. He was honored with four girls, named Champa, Tulasi, Mali, and Malati. Those little girls were additionally helping their dad Late Sri Lakshmana Panda, in the customs (Seva Puja) of the Deity. Late Lakshmana panda consistently implored Maa Chandi to have a child and in the wake of supplicating such countless days, he was honored with a child, named Sri Dayanidhi Panda, who additionally followed the impression of his archetypes. The sanctuary went to the spotlight during Sri Dayanidhi Panda. The quantity of enthusiasts expanded during his period. He has six children, who are by and by performing ceremonies (Seva puja) of divinity. They are to be specific Sri Narayan Panda, Sri Narahari Panda, Sri Somnath Panda, Sri Chakradhar Panda, Sri Loknath Panda and Sri Ratnakar Panda.

The above innate sevaks alongside their fourteen children are as of now playing out the Seva Puja (Rituals) in the Temple. The fourteen children are Jagabandhu, Dinabandhu, Bikram, Gopal, Sarat Kumar, Sukhadeva, Bhagadeba, Manoj, Trilochan, Susant, Biswaranjan, Ramachandra, Pramod, Ranjit. It was set up in the year 1946.

Geographical Information

Katak Chandi Temple in Cuttack Odisha is situated at 20°28′38.08″N 85°51′45.23″ECoordinates.
Maa Chandi is worshipped in various incarnations of Durga during the puja. In Cuttack, people strongly believe Maa Katak Chandi as ‘The Living Goddess’


Cuttack is 29m above sea level. The climate here is tropical. The summers here have a good deal of rainfall, while the winters have very little. This climate is considered to be Aw according to the Köppen-Geiger climate classification. The average annual temperature is 26.8 °C | 80.3 °F in Cuttack. About 1686 mm | 66.4 inch of precipitation falls annually.

The driest month is January, with 12 mm | 0.5 inch of rain. Most of the precipitation here falls in July, averaging 404 mm | 15.9 inch.

May is the warmest month of the year. The temperature in May averages 31.7 °C | 89.1 °F. January is the coldest month, with temperatures averaging 21.2 °C | 70.1 °F.

There is a difference of 392 mm | 15 inch of precipitation between the driest and wettest months. Throughout the year, temperatures vary by 10.6 °C | 51.0 °F.

Best Foods

You can get food from Hotels in the town area.

Best Time To Visit

Durga Puja and Kali Puja Festivals are commended with most extreme grandeur and exhilaration. The Durga Puja festivity goes on for almost 16 days beginning from the dull fortnight of Ashwin Krishna Ashtami and finishes in Ashwin Shukla Navami and Vijayadashami. 

Transportation (Direction)

By Air
Nearest Airport is Bhubaneswar Airport-


By Train
Nearest Railway Stations are Cuttack- 14 min (6.3 km) via Ring Rd


By Road
Regular Bus services are always available.


How to Prepare for Place

To visit Katak Chandi Temple in Cuttack Odisha, for the winter season, you preferably hold all your winter garments, shoes, blankets, and also necessary things you want to carry. There is no free pure drinking water, so you can hold a large Gallen of drinking water for your whole journey. Ice creams, cooldrinks, coconuts are available all time here. This place has rich history and culture. It is advisable to bring a camera to capture its beauty.

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