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Gudahandi Hills And Waterfall

Kalahandi, ODISHA


Gudahandi Hills in Kalahandi , Odisha. The Gudahandi slopes are arranged nearby Khaligarh, a small villoage near the Koraput District visitor, around 17.6 K.Ms North-East of Ampani. Ampani is 77 K.Ms from Bhawanipatna out and about towards Nawarangpur. 

In the Gudahandi slopes are a few old caverns bearing pictographic artworks of far off relic, Khaligarh is an exceptionally far removed place, the 17.6 K.Ms of Ampani being truck tracxt parts of which go through thick backwoods.

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Three little slopes, all of bended length, are together known as the Gudahandi slopes. The North and the South slopes go along with one another in the East leaving a yard like vally in the middle of which is open towards the West. This valley is cleared by a gigantic square of stone slopping down toward the East.

Right at the foot of these slopes confronting the valley are columns of caverns. But one in the North, every one of the caverns are little in size.Although at places slashed to shape by human hand they for the most part seem to have been framed bynature itself in red record stone.

Pictographic canvases in Red and Black tones show up at the passageways of some of caverns in the Southern line. These poor person yet been totally concentrated yet it is for the most part deduced that they bear around to the image contents of the Indus Valley Civilisation.

Other than Gudahandi in Kalahandi District, Bikramkhol and Ulapgarh in Sambalpur District and Naraj in Cuttack District additionally have a few compositions looking like pictographic artistic creations. a reality characteristic of pre-memorable man’s home in Orissa.

The third slope stretching out North to South stands like a way to the quick West of the Valley. However, as this slope doesn’t get together with the other two, the valley is agreeable from the North as well as from the South by a restricted pass.

All the three slopes taken together resemble a pot with a cover on. The name Gudahandi, meaning a pot, for molasses, may have its starting point in the impression its shape apprently conveys.

A creek named Behera streams past the town. There are stays of a veryold dam across this revulet, nearby individuals call it crafted by Bhima, the second of the Pandavas.

Geographical Information

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The climate of the Kalahandi District is of extreme type. It is dry except during monsoon. The maximum temperature of the District is 45+ degree Celsius, whereas the minimum temperature recorded is 4 degree Celsius. The District experiences the average annual rainfall as 1378.20 mm.

Best Foods

You can get food from local Hotels in the local and town area.

Best Time To Visit

Any time in the whole year you can visit here to fell and enjoy the port. 

Transportation (Direction)

By Train – Nabarangpur Railway Station about  (120.8Km)

By Flight – Nearest Airport to Kalahandi is at Bhubaneswar, and Raipur which are about 418 km and 261 away respectively.

By Road – It is close to the Nabarangpur district Border and about 17 km and 88 km away from Ampani and District Headquarters Bhawanipatna respectively..

How to Prepare for Place

To visit Gudahandi Hills, Kalahandi, Odisha, You can any time visit here.  It is advisable to bring a camera to capture its memories and beauty of nature.

  • Carry your own water bottle/ or you can purchase it from Local Market.
  • Please do not litter the area.
  • Get your camera with you to take some best nature beauties and memories.

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