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Eram (Raktatirtha)

The second Jallianwala Bagh of India


Eram (Raktatirtha) – The second Jallianwala Bagh of India is a small village in Basudevpur, Bhadrak from Odisha. It plays an important role in the history of Indian Independence movement. It is also known as Rakta Tirtha Eram (The Pilgrim of Blood) and the second Jallianwala Bagh of India.

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This celebrated spot of penance situated at 16 km away from Basudebpur of Bhadrak locale. One side of this land is limited by the Bay of Bengal and the other three sides are encircled by two waterways the Gameye and Kansabansa. Gotten by these regular limits this spot is utilized as a stronghold by the political dissidents. Because of these normal limits it isn’t so natural for the police and the authoritative people to enter into this spot.


Moreover, yonder is an open field limited by three sides with one door in’s northeast way, which was utilized by the political dissidents as a position of public gathering. Beginning from 1920 noticeable patriot heads of ODISHA like Utkalmani Gopabandhu Das and Utkal Kesari Dr. H.K. Mahatab perform public gatherings at that place for a few times to engender the Gandhian goals of opportunity battle. The Unpleasant Incident During the hour of Quit India Movement this field of Eram was regularly utilized by the political dissidents for public gathering and disturbance against unfamiliar rulers.


On 28th September 1942 there was an enormous social occasion at that place. Apprehensive by this assembling a police power from Basudebpur police headquarters, lead by DSP Kunjabihari Mohanty walk towards Eram. As like Jaliyanawalawag here DSP Kunjabihari Mohanty went about as General Dayar and started shooting to the tremendous social occasion at 6.30 pm, who was playing out the tumult against the unfamiliar rulers in a tranquil manner. Since the field was limited from three sides in this manner nobody ready to get escape as of the field and inside certain minutes 28 people get dead on the spot and 56 get harmed, someone else among the harmed gets dead later on. Among the dead incorporate one lady named Pari Bewa, who is viewed as the lone woman saints of ODISHA. Here the circumstance is a lot like that of Jaliyanawalawag and the quantities of saints were likewise only second to jaliyanawalawag. Hence Eram which is prevalently known as Rakta Tirtha (The Pilgrim of Blood) after this undesirable occurrence was really assigned as the Second Jaliyanawalawag of India.


Martyrs list

  • Pari Bewa, Eram, Basudebpur
  • Gopal Chandra Das, Padhnuan
  • Biswanath Das, Padhuan
  • Bijuli Das, Padhuan
  • Hrushikesh Behera, Padhuan
  • Madan Palai, Padhuan
  • Ballahaba Behera, Padhuan
  • Magha Mahalika, Padhuan
  • Bhua Majhi, Padhuan
  • Kali Ajhi, Padhuan-Kumarpur
  • Radhu Ahalika, Padhuan-Muladiha
  • Dhruba Charana Dey, Padhuan
  • Basudeb Sahu, Padhuan 

Geographical Information

Eram (Raktatirtha) – The second Jallianwala Bagh of India is located in the Bhadrak district of Odisha and is 8 km away from Basudebpur village of Bhadrak district. Situated in a picturesque landscape, Eram is surrounded by the Bay of Bengal in its east, River Kansbansa in its north, River Gamoi in its south and again River Kansbansa in its west. The place used to be a citadel for freedom fighters since 1920s. Prominent freedom fighters like Utkalamani Gopabandhu Das and Utkalakeshari Harekrushna Mahatab had used Eram as a venue for public meetings to propagate the freedom movement. 


Bhadrak is 20m above sea level. This city has a tropical climate. … The average annual temperature in Bhadrak is 26.5 °C | 79.6 °F. In a year, the rainfall is 1627 mm | 64.1 inches. Eram (Raktatirtha) climet is same with Bhadrak town.

Best Foods

  • There is nothing any famous food. Normal hotels are available there.

Best Time To Visit Eram (Raktatirtha)

 Independence Day (August 15) is the best time to visit the Eram (Raktatirtha).

Transportation (Direction)

By Air
Bhubaneswar, the Capital Of Odisha is the nearest Airport which is 200 km away from Eram.


By Train
The Nearest Railway Station is Bhadrak Railway Station, which is 70 KM away from Eram.


By Road
Eram is 70 KM away from Bhadrak Town, The District Head Quarter of the District. 

How to Prepare for Place

Normal preparation is enough for this place.  

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