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Entry Point to Bhitarakanika

Second-largest mangrove ecosystem of India.


Entry Point to Bhitarakanika

Bhitara Kanika was under the locale of the past Kanika Estate. It is covered with profound mangrove timberlands and saline streams and was announced a safe-haven on 21.04.1975. It is a world-acclaimed place for regular crocodile rearing. 

  • Wild Life Experience
  • Boating
  • Crocodile
  • Deer

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Bhitarakanika Situated in the estuarial locale of Brahmani-Baitarani, in the northeastern spot of Kendrapara areas, the public park covers a region of 672 sq km of mangrove backwoods and wetland. Crossed by a thick organization of streams with the Bay of Bengal on the east, Bhitar Kanika is home to more than 215 types of birds, including winter transient birds from Europe and Central-Asia as the recreation center gives an amiable air and peaceful, contamination free climate, birds move a great many miles to Bhitar Kanika to get away from the cruel winter in Ladakh, ManoSarovar, Himalayan locale, Siberia, Kazakhstan, Mongolia, Russia, Afghanistan, Iraq, Northern Asia, and some focal European nations. The region has assigned as the second Ramsar Site of the state in August 2002. It is an exceptional territory with rich biodiversity as it covers various biological systems like landmass, flowing water assemblages of the deltaic locale, estuaries, and regional waters of the Bay of Bengal alongside their related greenery.


Accommodation, Food & Time of issue of passes:-
-Panthaniwas(Aranya Niwas) private lodgings are available.
-Wayside restaurant also available.
-From 7.00 AM in the morning up to 12.15 PM of each day.


Boat,tariff,Jetty House available & facilities :-

  1. About 20 private registered boats available.
  2. Rate per sortie for day visitors from Chandabali to Dangmal Rs- 4000/-
  3. Rate per sortie for day visitors from Chandabali to Dangmal including night halt-Rs-4500/-
  4. Each boat can carry 18 persons with two crew members.
  5. Cost of entry passes is regulated as per notification No. FE-WL-WLF-0052-2015 2340 dated 08.02.2016 of the F&E Dept.
  6. Floating Jetty for easier boarding on boats.
  7. Ticket house.
  8. Toiles with water facilities.
  9. Sitting facilities
  10. Parking facilities.
  11. Stationary shop and Bus stop adjacent to the Jetty House. 

Geographical Information

Entry Point to Bhitarakanika is situated at Chandbali, Bhadrak. Khola and Gupti are the two main entry points to enter Bhitarkanika National Park.  


Bhadrak is 20m above sea level. This city has a tropical climate. … The average annual temperature in Bhadrak is 26.5 °C | 79.6 °F. In a year, the rainfall is 1627 mm | 64.1 inch.

Best Foods

  • Best option is to book your accommodation through www.ecotourodisha.com
  • Alternately one can opt for Panthanivas at Chandbali. 

Best Time To Visit Entry Point to Bhitarakanika

The best time of the year to visit the Bhitarkanika National Park is between the months of November to May. 

Transportation (Direction)

By Air
Nearest Air Port: Biju Patanaik Air Port, Bhubaneswar – 132 KM, to Chandabali, Entry Point to Bhitara Kanika


By Train
Nearest Railway Station: Bhadrak Railway Station – 55 KM to Chandabali, Entry Point to Bhitara Kanika


By Road
Bus facility available from Kolkata, Balasore, Bhubaneswar, Keonjhar etc. Cabs auto also available. Distance from Bhadrak by Road-52kms. Distance from Balasore by Road-116kms. Distance from Kolkata by Road-363kms. Distance from Bhubaneswar by Road-132kms. Distance from Andapur, keonjhar by Road-99kms. 

How to Prepare for Place

This is a salty water area. So, you have to carry your drinking water. Plastic is banned for this place. Visit in this season, you preferably hold all your winter garments, shoes, blankets, and also necessary things you want to carry.


Make sure you carry printouts of the Booking Details & ID proof.

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