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Deuli Jhari Temple in Angul Odisha - Famous Temples In Anugul

Deuli Jhari Temple in Angul Odisha, the antiquated fortification of Shaivism, is situated in Deulajhari town in the Angul region of Odisha. This alluring spot is having 24 sections of land and 55 decimals of land and covered with native pandanus timberland. It is known for an underground aquifer and an old Shiva Shree Sidheswar Baba temple. 

Highlight of the Place

  • Shiva Temple
  • Hot Spring

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Detailed Information

Deuli Jhari Temple in Angul Odisha is the antiquated fortress of Saivism, situated at 6 Km away from Athamallik and 90 Km away from Angul. The Temple has been built in the midst of thick native Jasmine timberland (privately known as Kaibana) that remains as the high dividers around the sanctuary. The uniqueness of the spot lies in its natural aquifers that encompass the sanctuary.

According to the antiquated records there were 84 such springs, however a large number of these have been dominated in the jasmine woodland. Presently 24 springs are alive.

Among these, the springs bearing the names like Agnikunda, Taptakunda, Himakunda, Annantakunda and Labakusa Kunda are conspicuous ones. The temperature of water in these springs shifts from 40 degree Celsius to 62 degree Celsius. The Temple complex covers a zone of 24 sections of land of land. The directing divinity Sidheswara Baba loves the primary Temple 

Geographical Information

Deuli Jhari Temple in Angul Odisha, the unique scenic spot as well as a religious place of Angul district is located at only 4 km distance from Athmallik town. This attractive place is having 24 acres & 55 decimals of land and covered with indigenous- pandanus forest(kiabana). It is mainly famous for hot springs. 


Sri Deuli Jhari Temple in Angul Odisha is 137m above sea level. This city has a tropical climate. … According to Köppen and Geiger, this climate is classified as Aw. The temperature here averages 26.7 °C | 80.1 °F. 

Best Foods

You can get food from Hotels in the town area.

Best Time To Visit

The spot is murmuring with movement consistently. There are numerous celebrations praised, a portion of the significant one’s are:

Pana Sankranti– Odiya New Year as a rule falls in the long stretch of April every year.

Sitalasasthi– the marriage of Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati for the most part falls toward the finish of the Summer season. The custom is fundamentally a supplication to introduce the stormy prepare and get a relief from the searing warmth of the summers.

The Sitalasasthi-  ceremonial was begun in Odisha approximately 400 years prior in Sambalpur by King Ajit Singh of the Chouhan line around 1655 AD. before long it spread to different pieces of the state.

Kartika Purnima – Usually saw on the principal full moon day in the long stretch of November. The month is viewed as the most propitious month in the Odiya schedule year and witnesses a large group of strict exercises.

Makarsankranti– Popularly known as the kite flying celebration held in the period of January.

Shivratri- Held in the long stretch of February/March every year. 

Transportation (Direction)

By Air: The nearest Airport is Biju Patnaik Airport, Bhubaneswar. Distance is around 250 Kms.

By Train: The nearest Railway Station is Boinda which is 44 KMs from Deulajhari. Angul Railway Station is 90 KMs from Deulajhari.

By Road: Deulajhari is 90 Kms away from Angul & 6 KMs from Athamallik. Distance to Deulajhari can be covered by bus from both Angul or Athamallik.

How to Prepare for Place

Well, You are going to a temple. you can just spend some time there or you can worship there. 

visit in this season, you preferably hold all the necessary things you want to carry.

To visit Deuli Jhari Temple, Angul, Odisha, You can any time visit here.  It is advisable to bring a camera to capture its memories and beauty of nature.

  • Carry your own water bottle/ or you can purchase it from Local Market.
  • Please do not litter the area.
  • Youu can carry your Camera with you to capture the best moments.

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