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A Unique Beach Where The Sea Recedes


Chandipur Sea Beach In Balasore Odisha - A Unique Beach Where The Sea Recedes

The Chandipur sea beach in balasore is one of the remarkable ocean seashores in the country. The water of the ocean subsides seaward and continues musically after a customary stretch doubles a day. The open seashore without water urges the sightseers to stroll into the ocean up to a distance of 5 km.

This novel wonder encourages the seashore to help its similarly remarkable biodiversity. It is home to the jeopardized horseshoe crabs, starfish, ocean imps to give some examples. The water of the seashore is sloppy making it unsatisfactory for washing.

Highlight of the Place

  • Integrated Test Range (ITR) of the Indian Army
  • A Walk Into Sea, That Unforgettable
  • The Activity Of This Sea Beach Is Not Less Then A Magic
  • Best Sea Food And Mini Market
  • Sunset Explore

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Detailed Information

Chandipur, is a seashore in Baleswar District, Odisha, India. The seashore is situated on the shore of the Bay of Bengal. The seashore is one of a kind such that the water subsides as much as 5 kilometers during the ebb tide. Because of its exceptional conditions, the seashore upholds bio-variety.

The horseshoe crab is additionally found here on the seashore towards Mirzapur, the close by fishing business sector and local area at the conjunction of the Budhabalanga River (Balaramgadi). It is a reasonable outing spot. One of Odisha Tourism’s Panthanivas (visitor house) is arranged here.

Geographical Information

Chandipur is situated at 21.47°N 87.02°E. It has a normal height of 3 m (9.8 ft). This town is 51.330 sections of land (0.20773 km2) in size. Chandipur seashore can be lowered at the elevated tide.


Summer temperatures range 25–40 degrees Celsius, while the Winter range is 17–27 degrees Celsius. The travel industry season is commonly from November to March.

Best Foods

A small market of fast foods available here with lots of variety of seafood. Also, there are many best hotels and restaurants are available to stay and for delicious foods.

Some Of Hotel List Mentioned Below:

Best Time To Visit Chandipur

This is the ideal season to visit Chandipur. With the most extreme and least temperatures averaging around 200C and 40C individually during this season, the cool coastline climate establishes the ideal climate and atmosphere for getting a charge out of the seashore and the numerous attractions this town has to bring to the table.


By Rail:
A train excursion to arrive at Chandipur is open through the rail route intersection of Balasore – a town just around 15 km away from Chandipur. There are different trains that work consistently to and from Balasore, interfacing it to all significant urban communities in the country.

By Road:
The National Highway 5 interfaces Chandipur to close urban communities like Kolkata and Bhubaneswar. The closest business town from Chandipur is Balasore situated around 15 km away, and there are transports and taxicabs accessible from here that associate with urban areas arranged nearby. 

How to Prepare for Place

Winter (October-March):

To visit in this season, you preferably hold all your winter garments, shoes, blankets, and also necessary things you want to carry.

Summer (April – September):

There is some pure sweet water problem, so you can hold a large Gallen of sweet water for your whore journey. Ice creams, cooldrinks, coconuts are available all time here.

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Unique beach, where water goes away in the morning and comes back in the evening. Absolutely great experience. Clean and aesthetic.
John Doe
John DoeContributor
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It's for the first time i have experienced a receding beach where you can walk for 2-3 km deep inside during a low tide. when you walk on that for a longer duration , do wear some shoes even if it becomes muddy as the surface is uneven and you may experience pain in your back . enjoy quality time sipping coconut water and sweet corn.

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