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Chandaneswar Shiv Temple

The Holy Place For Shiv Bhakta’s


Chandaneswar Shiv Temple In Balasore Odisha – A Great Shiv Temple For Prists

Chandaneshwar Temple in Balasore, Odisha is a renowned and antiquated Shiva Temple, and consistently visited by many aficionados. In spite of the fact that the sanctuary is in Odisha, it is extremely near Odisha-Bengal line and the sea shore town of Digha in West Bengal.  

On Odisha side, the closest town and railhead is at Jaleshwar. For somebody visiting Digha a half-day touring trip compulsorily incorporates this sanctuary, alongside some different attractions across the state line. 

Highlight of the Place

  • One Of Great Avtar Of Lord Shiv.
  • Mundan
  • Largest Shiva Lingams in the World

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Detailed Information

The Temple is at any two or three hundred years of age, and that is sufficient to add to the memorable estimation of the spot (Ratna Style of sanctuary development began around the sixteenth century and proceeded till 18thcentury when Bengal went under British standard and local people lords lost their independence and cash power).

The Odia new year Maha Vishuva Sankranti day is extremely well known in the vicinity of the hallowed place. Privately called Uda Parba, Nila Parba in the wake of loving Nilakanth Shiva, Chadaka Yatra. A large portion of 1,000,000 individuals accumulate around the sanctum and quick for a few days to satisfy their desires. It was inherent common Kalinga Architecture style of Old Odisha sanctuaries.

Chandaneswar is popular for Chandaneswar sanctuary of Lord Siva Every year in the long stretch of ‘Chaitra’ (from 14 March to 14 April) an Odisha renowned “Chadak Mela/CHaitra Mela/Udaa”. It proceeds for 13 days (13 Arghya to 1 Arghya limiting).

The Bhaktas (enthusiasts) acknowledge paita (pabitrata). The Bhaktas with their ‘manaskamana’ come from everywhere the country. From last fifth Arghya to third Arghya the Bhaktas increment in numbers. Close around 3 to 4 lakh of Bhaktas offer their Arghyas (supplication) around evening time as it were.

They quick the entire day not in any event, gulping their spit. Last fourth Arghya day “Kamina Baha” (marriage of Lord Siva with Kamina, girl of devil Nila), second Arghyaday “Nila Parba” and the principal Arghya day “Paata Parbha (Mala Chandani). According to the thorough manasik perspective, some Bhaktas prick their bodies and tongues with iron nails.

The entire social occasion is constrained by the Paata Bhakta and Odisha Government. After the Paata Parba the Bhaktas eliminate their Paitas after their last Arghya and buoy in the ocean yet the reasonable proceeds with another seven or eight days more. The greater part million of individuals accumulate in that reasonable. So it is known as the second Puri in Odisha.

Geographical Information

The Chandaneswar Shiv Temple In Balasore Odisha is located at Chandaneshwar, at one end of NH 116B. From Chandaneshwar Roundabout take Chandaneshwar-Talsari Road. The temple will be on your right after about 200 m. The distances from nearest populous areas is given below: Digha (in West Bengal) – 8 km New Digha/ Digha Railway Station (in West Bengal) – 6 km Jaleshwar Railway Station (in Odisha) – 40 kms.


The Chandaneswar Shiv Temple In Balasore Odisha receives 156.84 cm rainfall throughout the year. During the summer, the temperature is high and sometimes reaches 40 °C. During the winter, the mercury stands around 14 °C.

Best Foods

A small market of fast foods available here with lots of variety of veg-foods. Also, there are many best hotels and restaurants are available to stay and for delicious foods.

Some Of Easy Foods Mentioned Below:

  • Bhog (God’s Prasad)
  • Mudhi & Motor Curry
  • Coconut Water

Best Time To Visit Chandipur

From 14 March to 14 April , The Odia new year Maha Vishuva Sankranti. Mainly three days April 11 to April 13, there celebrated Chadaka Mela at Chandaneswar Shiv Temple In Balasore

In Odisha, Chandaneswar Temple is 40 km s from Jaleswar, And this is the closest rail route station is Digha. Kolkata is the closest air terminal and is 183 km from Chandaneswar Temple. You can also travel through Buses, Cabs and through private Taxis. 

How to Prepare for Place

The Chandaneswar Shiv Temple In Balasore, Odisha, You can any time visit here.  It is advisable to bring a camera to capture its memories and beauty of nature.

  • Carry your own water bottle/ or you can purchase it from Local Market.
  • Please do not litter the area.
  • Get your camera with you to take some best nature beauties and memories.

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