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Botanical Garden In Bhubaneswar Odisha. A professional flowerbed or botanic garden is a nursery devoted to the assortment, development, protection, and show of a wide scope of plants marked with their herbal names. 

It might contain expert plant assortments like desert flora and other delicious plants, spice gardens, plants from specific pieces of the world, etc; there might be nurseries, conceal houses, again with exceptional assortments like tropical plants, high plants, or other colourful plants. 

Guest administrations at a professional flowerbed may incorporate visits, instructive presentations, craftsmanship shows, book rooms, outside dramatic and melodic exhibitions, and another diversion.

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Professional flowerbeds are frequently run by colleges or other logical exploration associations, and regularly have related herbaria and examination programs in plant scientific classification or some other part of plant science. On a fundamental level, their job is to keep up recorded assortments of living plants for the motivations behind logical examination, protection, show, and training, albeit this will rely upon the assets accessible and the uncommon interests sought after at every specific nursery.


The source of present-day professional flowerbeds is for the most part followed to the arrangement of educators of natural science to the clinical resources of colleges in sixteenth century Renaissance Italy, which additionally involved the curation of a restorative nursery. In any case, the goals, substance, and crowd of the present botanic gardens all the more intently looks like that of the gaudy nurseries of olden times and the instructive nursery of Theophrastus in the Lyceum of old Athens.


The early worry with restorative plants changed in the seventeenth century to an interest in the new plant imports from investigations outside Europe as plant science continuously settled its autonomy from medication. In the eighteenth century, frameworks of terminology and characterization were formulated by botanists working in the herbaria and colleges related with the nurseries, these frameworks frequently being shown in the nurseries as instructive “request beds”. With the quick development of European states all throughout the planet in the late eighteenth century, botanic nurseries were set up in the jungles, and financial herbal science turned into a concentration with the centre at the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew, close to London.


Throughout the long term, professional flowerbeds, as social and logical associations, have reacted to the interests of plant science and cultivation. These days, most greenhouses show a blend of the topics referenced and that’s only the tip of the iceberg; having a solid association with the overall population, there is the chance to give guests data identifying with the ecological issues being looked toward the beginning of the 21st century, particularly those identifying with plant preservation and maintainability.



The State Botanical Garden spreads over a space of 75 ha. It is arranged in the foresty settings of the damp deciduous timberland of the rambling green Nandankanan asylum trimmed between two wetlands. The Botanical Garden was set up in the year 1963 and was under the administration of Horticulture Department. The administration of the State Botanical Garden was moved to Nandankanan on first August 2006. One would be unquestionably intrigued by the nature’s ensemble and the stunning dash of the wild here. This is one of the spearheading plant preservation and nature instruction focus of the State. The State Botanical Garden makes certain to give critical experience to the green devotees. The State Botanical Garden is arranged inside Nandankanan natural life safe-haven. Kiakani Lake with a space around 25 ha. is situated inside the State Botanical Garden.


The Botanical Garden covers 24 distinctive satellite gardens and stops spread all over undulating scenes blended in with common vegetation and knolls. The significant offices accessible in the Botanical Garden are F.R.H, excursion pindies, understanding focus and so on


Glass House
An open glass place of 2013 sqft. has been produced for lodging delicious plants. An assortment of succulant adds excellence to the Glass House. One can appreciate blossoming elaborate plants from the time frame from November to March.


Desert flora House
A 1080 sqft. polyhouse houses significant types of cactii plants. A rich assortment of in excess of 1200 desert flora are accessible in the Cacti House.


A rich assortment of in excess of 300 quantities of bonsai of 55 assortments are accessible.


Philodendron House
In excess of 2000 quantities of 5 assortments of philodendron are accessible.


Dry Garden
A nursery of xerophytes plants has been created over a space of 0.65 Acre before Glass House. The whole nursery has been planned with free stone work to give it elite look of dry zone which pulls in the guests.





Green House
A condition of craftsmanship green place of 5200 Sq ft. houses the cultivars of 60 types of indoor plants like Aglaonema, Philodendron, Calathea, Cordyline, Diffenbachia, Spathophyllum, Peperomia, Monstera, Hemigraphis and so on .


Butterfly Park
Butterfly Park, an intriguing alternative among guests has been created over a space of 36,590 sqft. The nursery has an interesting scene with 6400 butterfly dependant plants. The nursery makes them course cascade with 170 sqft. streaming water channel, wellsprings and imaginative scaffolds. One can locate in excess of 81 types of butterfly here. The guest will get the scent of wonderful blossoms and feel the magnificence of flying gems of nature. The recently made Butterfly Park was opened to the guests in February, 2014.This Butterfly Park additionally contain a butterfly translation focus. The Center spreads over a space of 800 sqft has been created close to the Butterfly Park. The recently opened focus has brilliant pictorial presentation loads up to spread data on butterfly to the guests. The primary target of the middle is to give most recent data on different parts of butterfly. A short narrative about butterfly is an additional fascination. The Interpretation place was opened to the guests in March, 2015.


It is perhaps the most extravagant assortment of 1200 Rose plants having a place with 55 assortments developed over a space of 1.5 sections of land of land. The nursery is enjoyed by the guests most and has greatest foot stream throughout the colder time of year.


Orchid House
The biggest orchid place of the State spreads over a space of 5000 sqft. furthermore, shows in excess of 1000 orchids of 57 assortments having a place with 37 animal groups. One can appreciate the orchid in blossom round the year showing different shade of nature.


Restorative Garden
An all around laid restorative nursery spread over a space of 2.26 sections of land which showcases of rich assortment of 225 types of trees, bushes and spices.


Japanese Garden
A condition of workmanship Japanese Garden in Tsukiyama-niwa style with streaming streams and other run of the mill highlights is a star fascination. It covers a space of 0.50 sections of land.


Mughal Garden
Mughal Garden covering a space of 1.01 ha. has a course of streaming water and blossoming plants both occasional and enduring on both side give a look of nurseries of Mughal time. The nursery is preferred generally by the youngsters and has greatest foot stream during winter.


Advancement Garden
The recently constucted Evolution Garden covering a space of 0.77 ha. gives total data about the advancement arrangement of plant realm. The single direction way takes a guest from lower plant bunches like Algae, organisms, Bryophyta, Pteridophyta to advancement of enormous plant bunches like Gymnosperm and Angiosperms. The idea of such nursery is enlightening for the understudies and scientists.


Legacy Garden
The Heritage Garden covering a space of 1.2 sections of land is arranged abutting to the Evolution garden with common stone and old Banyan trees. A Tulsi (Ocimum sanctum) garden containing six assortments of Tulsi plant with models of priest, live size cow and ancestral hovel are the fascination of the nursery.


Scene Garden
It is a model arranging having various components like grass, trees and bushes spread over a space of 1.6 sections of land. 1000 trees of various species have been planted to keep up the musicality.


Palm Garden
Palm garden is an astonishing site to see assortments of normal and uncommon palms. An assortment of 29 assortments of excellent palms have been planted over a space of 15000 sqft .One planned water body alongside 15000 sqft grass cover has been created inside the Palm Garden for general society.


Bougainvillea Garden
One Bougainvillea garden has been created over a space of 21400 sqft. inside the State Botanical Garden. In excess of 1000 Bougainvillea plants of various tones (8 assortments) have been shown in the nursery. A progression of creepers raised on the rear of the nursery adds excellence to the recreation center.


The Arboretum spread over a space of 4 ha. has been set up with assortment of in excess of 234 species (from 49 families) found in the eastern Zone woods. At least 10 nos. of every species has been planted with signage shown. An organization of way has been made through the estate which will be an ideal walk route for botanization for the learners and understudies.


Hibiscus Garden
A nursery has been created over a space of 11000 sqft. situated in the middle of glass house and Palm garden. In excess of 130 quantities of plants of 27 assortments have been planted in the nursery.


Flesh eating Plant Garden
The nursery set up inside the state professional flowerbed covering a space of 800 sqft. is proposed to display savage plants. Nandankanan is first of its sort to show rapacious Plants. The nursery has been grown at first to oblige 4 types of flesh eating plants with arrangement of naturalistic scene. It was opened to the guests in March 2016.


Kids’ Park
A specialty for the children has been made inside the common setting by giving swings, carousel, sliding chute and so on The display found close by loaded up with elaborate plants upgrades excellence of the Park.


Buddha Park
The recreation center has been created over a space of 12000 sqft. situated by the picturesque magnificence of Kanjia Lake. It includes an excellent Buddha Statue as its middle spot. Downpour cover, sit outs and elaborate bloom beds are different attractions.


Fake Zoo
Models of various creatures are utilized to clarify the natural specialty with a target to produce mindfulness among the youngsters.

Geographical Information

Ekamra Kanan or Ekamra Kanan Botanical Gardens is a botanical garden and a park located in Bhubaneswar, Odisha, India. Location- Nayapalli, Bhubaneswar Coordinates- 20°18′14.25″N 85°48′12.83″ E Coordinates: 20°18′14.25″N 85°48′12.83″E
Area- 500 acres


The climatic condition of Khordha District is much varied.  From a climatological point of view, the average annual precipitation over the district is about 1,200–1,400 mm. Moderate temperature prevails over the area throughout the year barring the summer season (March–June), where the maximum temperature even exceeds 45 °C. The average minimum temperature over the district is 9.6 °C.

Best Foods

You can get food from Hotels in the town area.

Best Time To Visit

The best season of winter time of year besides in amazingly cool spots. Plan in like manner and attempt to visit between 3.00 pm to 5.00 pm Or morning time. You feel a green heaven.

Transportation (Direction)

By Air
The nearest airport is Biju Patnaik Airport, Bhuwaneswar, which is 20 km away. Well connected by rail to all major tourist destinations of the country.


By Train 
The nearest Railway Station is at Master Canteen Square, Bhubaneswar which is about 18 km and at Baranga which is about 1 km away.


By Road Bhubaneswar is on the National Highway linking Kolkata 480 km to Chennai 1225 km. The Nearest Bus Stop on the highway is at Jaydev Vihar, Bhubaneswar which is about 13 km.

How to Prepare for Place

To visit Botanical Garden in Bhubaneswar Odisha, Timing- April to September 7:30 AM to 5:30 PM. October to March 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM.


Park remains closed on Monday.


This place is a plastic-free zone. Please dont liter and keep the surrounding clean You can.


Any time visit here. Ice creams, cooldrinks, coconuts are available all time here. This place has rich history and culture. It is advisable to bring a camera to capture its beauty.


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