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Bedi Hanuman Temple

Puri, Odisha


Bedi Hanuman Temple in Puri Odisha - Famous Hanuman Temple In Odisha

Bedi Hanuman Temple in Puri, Odisha. A small ocean side sanctuary devoted to Lord Hanuman is arranged west of Chakranarayan sanctuary in Puri. The sanctuary is known as Daria Mahavir Temple. In neighborhood language ‘Daria’ signifies ‘Ocean’ and Mahavir is one more name of Lord Hanuman. The sanctuary is situated on the left half of the Chakratirtha street driving from Subash Bose Chowk to Penthakata.

Highlight of the Place

  • Lord Hanumaan Temple
  • Forest
  • Seabeach
  • Natural Beauty

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Detailed Information

It involves a significant situation in the social history of Puri. The sanctuary is looking towards east. The external dividers of the sanctuary housed pictures of various Deities. The picture of Anjana, holding a child in her lap, is cut on the western side divider. There is a female divinities over an enhanced platform on the northern side divider. The picture of Lord Ganesha is cut on the southern side divider.

The directing god is a two outfitted Hanuman, holding a ladu (sweet) in left hand a gada (mace) in his right hand. Popular customs like Pana sankranti, Hanuman Jayanti, Rama Navami and so on are seen in this sanctuary. The sanctuary is otherwise called Bedi Hanuman Temple. The sanctuary has an intriguing story behind the name ‘Bedi Hanuman’.

It is accepted that Daria Mahavir safeguards Sankha Kshetra Puri against the rage of the ocean. It is Daria Mahavir’s obligation to see that the sea doesn’t cross its cutoff points and enter the fringe limits of Puri. Yet, when the Jagannath Temple was constructed, Varuna, the God of the Sea, ready to came to the Jagannath sanctuary to offer his appreciation. Meanwhile ocean water entered the city, making extensive harm the sanctuary.

The enthusiasts appealed to Lord Jagannath who requested that Hanuman make sense of how the ocean entered the city in his presence. Ruler Hanuman told that he was absent around then and was left for Ayodhya without illuminating him.

On finding out about Lord Hanuman’s unscheduled visit to Ayodhya, Lord Jagannath got his hands and feet bound with rope (bedi) and requested that he be careful on the beach constantly. Since his hands and feet bound with rope (bedi), he is known as ‘Bedi Hanuman’ or ‘Tied Hanuman’. There is a prevalent view that from that point forward, the ocean has not gone into the city.

Geographical Information

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Being in closeness to the Bay of Bengal, this District has heat and humidity. The summers are from March to June, storms from June to September and winters are from October to February. The base temperature of the District is roughly 16. 45 degrees Celsius and the most extreme 33. 9 degrees Celsius.

Best Foods

You can get food from local market, which is available near. You can access food with you check-in hotels and restaurant.

Best Time To Visit

You can visit any time here. Best opportunity to visit is October to May.

  • Vacationer can remain at Puri, where a lot of inns of various classifications are accessible.
  • There is no convenience near the Temple.

Transportation (Direction)

By Train – The nearest Railway Station is Puri Railway Station it’s jut  5 min (1.6 km).

By Flight – The Nearest Air Port is Bhubaneswar which is 1 hr 9 min (62.0 km) via NH316.

By Road – Udaypur is well connected by road. A number of Public Transport, i.e. Buses are running from Puri Bustand 5 min (1.4 km) via Govt Womens College Rd and Chakra Tirtha Rd.

How to Prepare for Place

Bedi Hanuman Temple In Puri, Odisha, You can visit any time here.  It is advisable to follow below things:

  • Don’t litter any garbage. Always use dustbin.
  • Carry your water bottle with you. 
  • Take your camera with you for getting some memories with you.
  • Follow the Hindu customs like leaving your shoes outside the sanctuary.
  • Notice outright quietness inside the sanctuary.
  • Regard the strict ceremonies and opinions.
  • Be appropriately dressed

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