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Kendrapara, ODISHA


Bhitarkanika National Park in Kendrapara, Odisha. This is the main beacon introduced in eastern bank of India. It is around 45 KM from District HQ. It is arranged in a town named Batighar, on the other bank of stream Kharinasi. It is encircled with lovely normal magnificence. Quite a long time ago, this was referred to as Kaudia Dwip and utilized as hunting ground of Kujanga Kings.

Development of this beacon was begun on sixth December, 1836 and it was lit on sixteenth October 1837. The stones utilized were moved from Barabati Fort, Cuttack. The level is 125 feet, establishment divider is 15 feet thick.

  • Batighar/Lighthouse
  • Bank of River Kharinasi
  • Kaudia Dwip
  • Full of Natural Beauty

The distance across at land level is 10 feet. To arrive at the main, 138 stages made of concrete and a 16-venture stepping stool are there. The speciality of this beacon is that it is functional from the date of its lighting and by and by it is overseen by Calcutta Light House.

On sixteenth October 1837 first light emerged from this light house.This Light house was worked by Mr H.Wright .This beacon is 60 feet above ocean level based on sand heap.This is a six celebrated building having space to take lay on each floor having a major window .

There are 16 Bullet evidence glasses joined at the top floor.Year 1857 is in prearranged on that glass which is stay as it is.Within the roundabout room there is a wheel of 3 feet sweep having an electric bulb at the center.This bulb is of 440 v 230 w,this light should be visible from 60 km in the sea.This Light House is opened for Tourist from 7.00 am to 10.am and 4 pm to evening.

As per Census 2011, Batighar’s populace is 3569. Out of this, 1881 are guys though the females count 1688 here. This town has 523 children in the age section of 0-6 years. Out of this 278 are young men and 245 are young ladies.

Education rate in Batighar town is 66%. 2360 out of complete 3569 populace is taught here. In guys the education rate is 75% as 1411 guys out of all out 1881 are proficient though female education rate is 56% as 949 out of all out 1688 females are proficient in this Village.

The Negative side is that lack of education pace of Batighar town is 33%. Here 1209 out of complete 3569 people are uneducated. Male lack of education rate here is 24% as 470 guys out of complete 1881 are uninformed. In females the ignorance rate is 43% and 739 out of complete 1688 females are uneducated in this town.

The quantity of working person of Batighar town is 1710 yet 1859 are non-working. Furthermore, out of 1710 working individuals 122 people groups are altogether subject to horticulture.

Geographical Information

Kendrapad District lies in 20 degree 20′ N to 20 degree37′ N Latitude and 86 degree 14′ E to 87 degree 01′ E Longitude. The Coastline of Kendrapara District covers 48 Km extending from Dhamra Muhan to Batighar.ry popular.


The temperature in the district can go up to 40 degree C in Summer while in Winter the temperature can decrease to 10 degree C.

Best Foods

You can get food from local Hotels in the local and town area.

Best Time To Visit

You can visit here any time in the whole year. Effectively open street from all pieces of the town associates with this spot.

Transportation (Direction)

By Train – Cuttack 110 kms.

By Flight – Biju Patanaik Air Port, Bhubaneswar – 135 KM.

By RoadFrom Cuttack to Kendrapara – Mahakalpara

How to Prepare for Place

Batighar, Kendrapara, Odisha, You can any time visit here.  It is advisable to bring a camera to capture its memories and beauty of nature.

  • Carry your own water bottle/ or you can purchase it from Local Market.
  • Please do not litter the area.
  • Get your camera with you to take some best nature beauties and memories.

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