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Baba Akhandalamani Temple In Bhadrak Odisha is situated in bhadrak district of odisha. this temple is very famous in locals. The history of this temple goes back to around 200 to 400 hundred years back. 

  • Mahashivratri
  • Shamba dasami
  • Bol-Bom
  • Panna Sankranti
  • Chandran Yatra
  • Jhulana yatra
  • Kartika Purnima
  • Shrabani Mahotsaba

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On the bank of waterway Baitarani, the Baba Akhandalamani Temple In Bhadrak Odisha is the homestead of Lord Shiva. The central interest of the spot is its Akhandalamani legendary history for which it shares a huge situation in the travel industry of Bhadrak.


As the set of experiences runs, ruler Niladri Samara Singha Mohapatra began revering the God Akhandalamani exactly 350 years prior, when the dark coated rock stone was discovered underground and the lord longed for the god. Anyway the strict and verifiable importance with which the spot is contributed, establish it to be a focal point of exceptional interest in the travel industry of Bhadrak. Also the creative carvings of the sanctuary merit extraordinary worth to the traveler.


Baba Akhandalamani Temple In Bhadrak Odisha Surrounding the sanctuary numerous fairs and celebrations are coordinated, the boss among whose is the Mahashivaratri. During this celebration, travelers including an immense lump of pioneers rushed in the center of the sanctuary. On the long stretch of Sravana, akhapeople from cross country amass here to pour the blessed water on the Siva Linga and to offer their love to Lord Shiva. The Akhandalamani Temple is the chief wellspring of the beneficial advancement of the travel industry of Bhadrak. 

Geographical Information

Bhadrakali is located in the outskirts of the revenue village Aharapada which is at a distance of 5 kms away from Bhadrak town in the south- west direction.


Bhadrak is 20m above sea level. This city has a tropical climate. … The average annual temperature in Bhadrak is 26.5 °C | 79.6 °F. In a year, the rainfall is 1627 mm | 64.1 inch.

Best Foods

  • Hotel Mab ki Machher Jhol
  • Hotel Ambika ka Tandoori Chicken
  • Hotel Maharaj ki Fish Curry

Best Time To Visit Baba Akhandalamani Temple

Kali puja was best festival of hindu religion. Many tourist came to bhadar for take part in this festival. Every year this festival celebration held with joy and happiness.

Transportation (Direction)

By Air
The Nearest Air Port is Bhubaneswar which is 179 km. away from Baba Akhandalami.


By Train
The nearest Railway Station is Bhadrak Railway Station which is 50 km away from Baba Akhandalami.


By Road
Aradi is well connected by road. A number of Public Transport, i.e. Buses are running from Bhadrak Town to Aradi daily. It is 42 KM away from Bhadrak town.

How to Prepare for Place

Visit in this season, you preferably hold all your winter garments, shoes, blankets, and also necessary things you want to carry.

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