Packet Path is in the business of enabling engaging experiences that simplify day-to-day activities of humans, using IoT Devices.


We offer IoT Products, Product Design and Development services on all IoT Platforms.

We have a market recognition for the products we have developed using Cypress based WiFi/Bluetooth Modules that either use Linux or WICED.

Embedded Systems

To ensure our IoT devices give you long-lasting and consistent engagements.

We ensured our devices are robust and time-tested with our expertise in Embedded Systems.


Our Engineers have mastered the art of identifying patterns in huge amounts of data churned by IoT Devices. 

We bring in our expertise in AI/ ML to allow our clients make more intelligent decisions.

Packet Path helps design, scale, operate and make sense of the data produced from Smart Devices and better Manage Operational Interdependencies

Use Cases

Smart Oven

The SMART Oven has a camera to detect food, takes voice commands to cook and updates itself of the new features using Wi-Fi. We included WLAN Connectivity using WICED ported WWD and Bluetooth Host Driver, FCC certification and Flash Drivers. 

Air Purifier

The air purifier product we worked for, was recognized to be one of the 10 best inventions by Popular Science. We developed various features for Quantum Leaps’ (QP) real-time embedded framework which included WLAN driver, BLE driver, flash driver, secure OTA. 

Smart Switch

This Smart Switch had Alexa built in and capable of playing music. We developed various features which included enabling WLAN and Bluetooth connectivity, OTA, porting WICED’s WWD driver, customizing LWIP network stack.

Smart Speaker

The Smart Speaker has the capability to provide a SMART Home experience allowing users to control SMART appliances, SMART devices and streaming services. We integrated AVS SDK, taking it through AVS Certification, Secure OTA, connectivity using WLAN and Bluetooth, FCC Certification, Wi-Fi alliance certification and Power Optimization.